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3. Specific Schemes Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
3. Specific Schemes

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3. Specific Schemes

3. Specific Schemes

The mapping for some existing standard and experimental protocols is outlined in the BNF syntax definition. Notes on particular protocols follow. The schemes covered are:

   ftp                     File Transfer protocol
   http                    Hypertext Transfer Protocol
   gopher                  The Gopher protocol
   mailto                  Electronic mail address
   news                    USENET news
   nntp                    USENET news using NNTP access
   telnet                  Reference to interactive sessions
   wais                    Wide Area Information Servers
   file                    Host-specific file names
   prospero                Prospero Directory Service

Other schemes may be specified by future specifications. Section 4 of this document describes how new schemes may be registered, and lists some scheme names that are under development.

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Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
3. Specific Schemes


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