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ARP Parameters

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ARP Parameters

ARP Parameters


The Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) specified in [RFC826] has
several parameters.  The assigned values for these parameters are
listed here.


The Reverse Address Resolution Protocol (RARP) specified in [RFC903]
uses the "Reverse" codes below.


The Dynamic Reverse Address Resolution Protocol (DRARP) uses the
"DRARP" codes below.  For further information, contact: David Brownell


The Inverse Address Resolution Protocol (IARP) specified in [RFC1293]
uses the "InARP" codes below.


Number Operation Code (op)                           References
------ --------------------------                    ----------
     1  REQUEST                                        [RFC826]
     2  REPLY                                          [RFC826]
     3  request Reverse                                [RFC903]
     4  reply Reverse                                  [RFC903]
     5  DRARP-Request                          [David Brownell]
     6  DRARP-Reply                            [David Brownell]
     7  DRARP-Error                            [David Brownell]
     8  InARP-Request                                 [RFC1293]
     9  InARP-Reply                                   [RFC1293]
    10  ARP-NAK                                       [RFC1577]
    11  MARS-Request                                 [Armitage]
    12  MARS-Multi                                   [Armitage]
    13  MARS-MServ                                   [Armitage]
    14  MARS-Join                                    [Armitage]
    15  MARS-Leave                                   [Armitage]
    16  MARS-NAK                                     [Armitage]
    17  MARS-Unserv                                  [Armitage]
    18  MARS-SJoin                                   [Armitage]
    19  MARS-SLeave                                  [Armitage]
    20  MARS-Grouplist-Request                       [Armitage]
    21  MARS-Grouplist-Reply                         [Armitage]
    22  MARS-Redirect-Map                            [Armitage]

Number Hardware Type (hrd)                           References
------ -----------------------------------           ----------
     1 Ethernet (10Mb)                                    [JBP]
     2 Experimental Ethernet (3Mb)                        [JBP]
     3 Amateur Radio AX.25                                [PXK]
     4 Proteon ProNET Token Ring                        [Doria]
     5 Chaos                                              [GXP]
     6 IEEE 802 Networks                                  [JBP]
     7 ARCNET                                             [JBP]
     8 Hyperchannel                                       [JBP]
     9 Lanstar                                             [TU]
    10 Autonet Short Address                             [MXB1]
    11 LocalTalk                                         [JKR1]
    12 LocalNet (IBM PCNet or SYTEK LocalNET)             [JXM]
    13 Ultra link                                        [RXD2]
    14 SMDS                                              [GXC1]
    15 Frame Relay                                        [AGM] 
    16 Asynchronous Transmission Mode (ATM)              [JXB2]
    17 HDLC                                               [JBP]
    18 Fibre Channel                            [Yakov Rekhter]
    19 Asynchronous Transmission Mode (ATM)           [RFC1577]
    20 Serial Line                                        [JBP] 
    21 Asynchronous Transmission Mode (ATM)              [MXB1]
    22 MIL-STD-188-220                                 [Jensen]

Protocol Type (pro)

Use the same codes as listed in the section called "Ethernet Numbers
of Interest" (all hardware types use this code set for the protocol


[RFC826] Plummer, D., "An Ethernet Address Resolution Protocol or
         Converting Network Protocol Addresses to 48-bit Ethernet
         Addresses for Transmission on Ethernet Hardware", STD 37, RFC
         826, MIT-LCS, November 1982.

[RFC903] Finlayson, R., Mann, T., Mogul, J., and M. Theimer, "A
         Reverse Address Resolution Protocol", STD 38, RFC 903,
         Stanford University, June 1984.

[RFC1293] Bradley, T., and C. Brown, "Inverse Address Resolution
          Protocol", RFC 1293, Wellfleet Communications, Inc.,
          January 1992.


[Armitage] Grenville Armitage, <>, April 1995.

[AGM] Andy Malis <>

[GXC1] George Clapp <meritec!>

[Doria] Avri Doria <> December 1994.

[GXP] Gill Pratt <gill%mit-ccc@MC.LCS.MIT.EDU>

[Jensen] Herb Jensen, <>, February 1995.

[JBP] Jon Postel <>

[JKR1] Joyce K. Reynolds <>

[JXM] Joseph Murdock <---none--->

[MXB1] Mike Burrows <burrows@SRC.DEC.COM>

[PXK] Philip Koch <Philip.Koch@DARTMOUTH.EDU>

[RXD2] Rajiv Dhingra <rajiv@ULTRA.COM>

[TU] Tom Unger <tom@CITI.UMICH>

[David Brownell]

[Mark Laubach]

[Yakov Rekhter] <Yakov@IBM.COM>


Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
ARP Parameters


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