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E.9 Other changes Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
E.9 Other changes

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E.9 Other changes

E.9 Other changes

The following small changes were also made to RFC 1247:

  • When representing unnumbered point-to-point networks in router links advertisements, the corresponding Link Data field should be set to the unnumbered interface's MIB-II [RFC 1213] ifIndex value.

  • A comment was added to Step 3 of the Dijkstra algorithm in Section 16.1. When removing vertices from the candidate list, and when there is a choice of vertices closest to the root, network vertices must be chosen before router vertices in order to necessarily find all equal-cost paths.

  • A comment was added to Section 12.4.3 noting that a summary link advertisement cannot express a reachable destination whose path cost equals or exceeds LSInfinity.

  • A comment was added to Section 15 noting that a virtual link whose underlying path has cost greater than hexadecimal 0xffff (the maximum size of an interface cost in a router links advertisement) should be considered inoperational.

  • An option was added to the definition of area address ranges, allowing the network administrator to specify that a particular range should not be advertised to other OSPF areas. This enables the existence of certain networks to be hidden from other areas. This change appears in Sections 12.4.3 and C.2.

  • A note was added reminding implementors that bit E (the AS boundary router indication) should never be set in a router links advertisement for a stub area, since stub areas cannot contain AS boundary routers. This change appears in Section 12.4.1.

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Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
E.9 Other changes


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