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7.4. The Application Content-Type Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
7.4. The Application Content-Type

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7.4. The Application Content-Type

7.4. The Application Content-Type

The "application" Content-Type is to be used for data which do not fit in any of the other categories, and particularly for data to be processed by mail-based uses of application programs. This is information which must be processed by an application before it is viewable or usable to a user. Expected uses for Content-Type application include mail-based file transfer, spreadsheets, data for mail-based scheduling systems, and languages for "active" (computational) email. (The latter, in particular, can pose security problems which must be understood by implementors, and are considered in detail in the discussion of the application/PostScript content- type.)

For example, a meeting scheduler might define a standard representation for information about proposed meeting dates. An intelligent user agent would use this information to conduct a dialog with the user, and might then send further mail based on that dialog. More generally, there have been several "active" messaging languages developed in which programs in a suitably specialized language are sent through the mail and automatically run in the recipient's environment.

Such applications may be defined as subtypes of the "application" Content-Type. This document defines two subtypes: octet-stream, and PostScript.

In general, the subtype of application will often be the name of the application for which the data are intended. This does not mean, however, that any application program name may be used freely as a subtype of application. Such usages (other than subtypes beginning with "x-") must be registered with IANA, as described in Appendix E.

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Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
7.4. The Application Content-Type


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