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10. Recommendations Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
10. Recommendations

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10. Recommendations

10. Recommendations

The NIC should begin to hand out large blocks of class C addresses to network service providers. Each block must fall on bit boundaries and should be large enough to serve the provider for two years. Further, the NIC should distribute very large blocks to continental and national network service organizations to allow additional levels of aggregation to take place at the major backbone networks. In addition, the NIC should modify its procedures for the IN-ADDR.ARPA domain to permit delegation along arbitrary octet boundaries.

Service providers will further allocate power-of-two blocks of class C addresses from their address space to their subscribers.

All organizations, including those which are multi-homed, should obtain address space from their provider (or one of their providers, in the case of the multi-homed). These blocks should also fall on bit boundaries to permit easy route aggregation.

To allow effective use of this new addressing plan to reduce propagated routing information, appropriate IETF WGs will specify the modifications needed to Inter-Domain routing protocols. Implementation and deployment of these modifications should occur as quickly as possible.

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Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
10. Recommendations


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