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7.1. Realm Names Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
7.1. Realm Names

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7.1. Realm Names

7.1. Realm Names

Although realm names are encoded as GeneralStrings and although a realm can technically select any name it chooses, interoperability across realm boundaries requires agreement on how realm names are to be assigned, and what information they imply.

To enforce these conventions, each realm must conform to the conventions itself, and it must require that any realms with which inter-realm keys are shared also conform to the conventions and require the same from its neighbors.

There are presently four styles of realm names: domain, X500, other, and reserved. Examples of each style follow:

        domain:   host.subdomain.domain (example)
          X500:   C=US/O=OSF (example)
         other:   NAMETYPE:rest/ (example)
      reserved:   reserved, but will not conflict with above

Domain names must look like domain names: they consist of components separated by periods (.) and they contain neither colons (:) nor slashes (/).

X.500 names contain an equal (=) and cannot contain a colon (:) before the equal. The realm names for X.500 names will be string representations of the names with components separated by slashes. Leading and trailing slashes will not be included.

Names that fall into the other category must begin with a prefix that contains no equal (=) or period (.) and the prefix must be followed by a colon (:) and the rest of the name. All prefixes must be assigned before they may be used. Presently none are assigned.

The reserved category includes strings which do not fall into the first three categories. All names in this category are reserved. It is unlikely that names will be assigned to this category unless there is a very strong argument for not using the "other" category.

These rules guarantee that there will be no conflicts between the various name styles. The following additional constraints apply to the assignment of realm names in the domain and X.500 categories: the name of a realm for the domain or X.500 formats must either be used by the organization owning (to whom it was assigned) an Internet domain name or X.500 name, or in the case that no such names are registered, authority to use a realm name may be derived from the authority of the parent realm. For example, if there is no domain name for E40.MIT.EDU, then the administrator of the MIT.EDU realm can authorize the creation of a realm with that name.

This is acceptable because the organization to which the parent is assigned is presumably the organization authorized to assign names to its children in the X.500 and domain name systems as well. If the parent assigns a realm name without also registering it in the domain name or X.500 hierarchy, it is the parent's responsibility to make sure that there will not in the future exists a name identical to the realm name of the child unless it is assigned to the same entity as the realm name.

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7.1. Realm Names


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