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4.2. Additional fields Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
4.2. Additional fields

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4.2. Additional fields

4.2. Additional fields

Project Athena's KDC implementation uses additional fields in its database:

   Field        Value

   K_kvno       Kerberos' key version
   expiration   Expiration date for entry
   attributes   Bit field of attributes
   mod_date     Timestamp of last modification
   mod_name     Modifying principal's identifier

The K_kvno field indicates the key version of the Kerberos master key under which the principal's secret key is encrypted.

After an entry's expiration date has passed, the KDC will return an error to any client attempting to gain tickets as or for the principal. (A database may want to maintain two expiration dates: one for the principal, and one for the principal's current key. This allows password aging to work independently of the principal's expiration date. However, due to the limited space in the responses, the KDC must combine the key expiration and principal expiration date into a single value called "key_exp", which is used as a hint to the user to take administrative action.)

The attributes field is a bitfield used to govern the operations involving the principal. This field might be useful in conjunction with user registration procedures, for site-specific policy implementations (Project Athena currently uses it for their user registration process controlled by the system-wide database service, Moira [7]), or to identify the "string to key" conversion algorithm used for a principal's key. (See the discussion of the padata field in section 5.4.2 for details on why this can be useful.) Other bits are used to indicate that certain ticket options should not be allowed in tickets encrypted under a principal's key (one bit each): Disallow issuing postdated tickets, disallow issuing forwardable tickets, disallow issuing tickets based on TGT authentication, disallow issuing renewable tickets, disallow issuing proxiable tickets, and disallow issuing tickets for which the principal is the server.

The mod_date field contains the time of last modification of the entry, and the mod_name field contains the name of the principal which last modified the entry.

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Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
4.2. Additional fields


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