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3.4.1. Generation of a KRB_SAFE message Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
3.4.1. Generation of a KRB_SAFE message

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3.4.1. Generation of a KRB_SAFE message

3.4.1. Generation of a KRB_SAFE message

When an application wishes to send a KRB_SAFE message, it collects its data and the appropriate control information and computes a checksum over them. The checksum algorithm should be some sort of keyed one-way hash function (such as the RSA-MD5-DES checksum algorithm specified in section 6.4.5, or the DES MAC), generated using the sub-session key if present, or the session key. Different algorithms may be selected by changing the checksum type in the message. Unkeyed or non-collision-proof checksums are not suitable for this use.

The control information for the KRB_SAFE message includes both a timestamp and a sequence number. The designer of an application using the KRB_SAFE message must choose at least one of the two mechanisms. This choice should be based on the needs of the application protocol.

Sequence numbers are useful when all messages sent will be received by one's peer. Connection state is presently required to maintain the session key, so maintaining the next sequence number should not present an additional problem.

If the application protocol is expected to tolerate lost messages without them being resent, the use of the timestamp is the appropriate replay detection mechanism. Using timestamps is also the appropriate mechanism for multi-cast protocols where all of one's peers share a common sub-session key, but some messages will be sent to a subset of one's peers.

After computing the checksum, the client then transmits the information and checksum to the recipient in the message format specified in section 5.6.1.

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Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
3.4.1. Generation of a KRB_SAFE message


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