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2.6. Forwardable tickets Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
2.6. Forwardable tickets

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2.6. Forwardable tickets

2.6. Forwardable tickets

Authentication forwarding is an instance of the proxy case where the service is granted complete use of the client's identity. An example where it might be used is when a user logs in to a remote system and wants authentication to work from that system as if the login were local.

The FORWARDABLE flag in a ticket is normally only interpreted by the ticket-granting service. It can be ignored by application servers. The FORWARDABLE flag has an interpretation similar to that of the PROXIABLE flag, except ticket-granting tickets may also be issued with different network addresses. This flag is reset by default, but users may request that it be set by setting the FORWARDABLE option in the AS request when they request their initial ticket-granting ticket.

This flag allows for authentication forwarding without requiring the user to enter a password again. If the flag is not set, then authentication forwarding is not permitted, but the same end result can still be achieved if the user engages in the AS exchange with the requested network addresses and supplies a password.

The FORWARDED flag is set by the TGS when a client presents a ticket with the FORWARDABLE flag set and requests it be set by specifying the FORWARDED KDC option and supplying a set of addresses for the new ticket. It is also set in all tickets issued based on tickets with the FORWARDED flag set. Application servers may wish to process FORWARDED tickets differently than non-FORWARDED tickets.

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Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
2.6. Forwardable tickets


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