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4. Acknowledgements Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
4. Acknowledgements

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4. Acknowledgements

4. Acknowledgements

The comments of the SNMP version 2 working group are gratefully acknowledged:

        Beth Adams, Network Management Forum
        Steve Alexander, INTERACTIVE Systems Corporation
        David Arneson, Cabletron Systems
        Toshiya Asaba
        Fred Baker, ACC
        Jim Barnes, Xylogics, Inc.
        Brian Bataille
        Andy Bierman, SynOptics Communications, Inc.
        Uri Blumenthal, IBM Corporation
        Fred Bohle, Interlink
        Jack Brown
        Theodore Brunner, Bellcore
        Stephen F. Bush, GE Information Services
        Jeffrey D. Case, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
        John Chang, IBM Corporation
        Szusin Chen, Sun Microsystems
        Robert Ching
        Chris Chiotasso, Ungermann-Bass
        Bobby A. Clay, NASA/Boeing
        John Cooke, Chipcom
        Tracy Cox, Bellcore
        Juan Cruz, Datability, Inc.
        David Cullerot, Cabletron Systems
        Cathy Cunningham, Microcom
        James R. (Chuck) Davin, Bellcore
        Michael Davis, Clearpoint
        Mike Davison, FiberCom
        Cynthia DellaTorre, MITRE
        Taso N. Devetzis, Bellcore
        Manual Diaz, DAVID Systems, Inc.
        Jon Dreyer, Sun Microsystems
        David Engel, Optical Data Systems
        Mike Erlinger, Lexcel
        Roger Fajman, NIH
        Daniel Fauvarque, Sun Microsystems
        Karen Frisa, CMU
        Shari Galitzer, MITRE
        Shawn Gallagher, Digital Equipment Corporation
        Richard Graveman, Bellcore
        Maria Greene, Xyplex, Inc.
        Michel Guittet, Apple
        Robert Gutierrez, NASA
        Bill Hagerty, Cabletron Systems
        Gary W. Haney, Martin Marietta Energy Systems
        Patrick Hanil, Nokia Telecommunications
        Matt Hecht, SNMP Research, Inc.
        Edward A. Heiner, Jr., Synernetics Inc.
        Susan E. Hicks, Martin Marietta Energy Systems
        Geral Holzhauer, Apple
        John Hopprich, DAVID Systems, Inc.
        Jeff Hughes, Hewlett-Packard
        Robin Iddon, Axon Networks, Inc.
        David Itusak
        Kevin M. Jackson, Concord Communications, Inc.
        Ole J. Jacobsen, Interop Company
        Ronald Jacoby, Silicon Graphics, Inc.
        Satish Joshi, SynOptics Communications, Inc.
        Frank Kastenholz, FTP Software
        Mark Kepke, Hewlett-Packard
        Ken Key, SNMP Research, Inc.
        Zbiginew Kielczewski, Eicon
        Jongyeoi Kim
        Andrew Knutsen, The Santa Cruz Operation
        Michael L. Kornegay, VisiSoft
        Deirdre C. Kostik, Bellcore
        Cheryl Krupczak, Georgia Tech
        Mark S. Lewis, Telebit
        David Lin
        David Lindemulder, AT&T/NCR
        Ben Lisowski, Sprint
        David Liu, Bell-Northern Research
        John Lunny, The Wollongong Group
        Robert C. Lushbaugh Martin, Marietta Energy Systems
        Michael Luufer, BBN
        Carl Madison, Star-Tek, Inc.
        Keith McCloghrie, Hughes LAN Systems
        Evan McGinnis, 3Com Corporation
        Bill McKenzie, IBM Corporation
        Donna McMaster, SynOptics Communications, Inc.
        John Medicke, IBM Corporation
        Doug Miller, Telebit
        Dave Minnich, FiberCom
        Mohammad Mirhakkak, MITRE
        Rohit Mital, Protools
        George Mouradian, AT&T Bell Labs
        Patrick Mullaney, Cabletron Systems
        Dan Myers, 3Com Corporation
        Rina Nathaniel, Rad Network Devices Ltd.
        Hien V. Nguyen, Sprint
        Mo Nikain
        Tom Nisbet
        William B. Norton, MERIT
        Steve Onishi, Wellfleet Communications, Inc.
        David T. Perkins, SynOptics Communications, Inc.
        Carl Powell, BBN
        Ilan Raab, SynOptics Communications, Inc.
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        Louise Reingold, Sprint
        Sam Roberts, Farallon Computing, Inc.
        Kary Robertson, Concord Communications, Inc.
        Dan Romascanu, Lannet Data Communications Ltd.
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        Asaf Rubissa, Fibronics
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        Michael Sapich
        Mike Scanlon, Interlan
        Sam Schaen, MITRE
        John Seligson, Ultra Network Technologies
        Paul A. Serice, Corporation for Open Systems
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        Timon Sloane
        Robert Snyder, Cisco Systems
        Joo Young Song
        Roy Spitier, Sprint
        Einar Stefferud, Network Management Associates
        John Stephens, Cayman Systems, Inc.
        Robert L. Stewart, Xyplex, Inc. (chair)
        Kaj Tesink, Bellcore
        Dean Throop, Data General
        Ahmet Tuncay, France Telecom-CNET
        Maurice Turcotte, Racal Datacom
        Warren Vik, INTERACTIVE Systems Corporation
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        Luanne Waul, Timeplex
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        Daniel Woycke, MITRE
        Honda Wu
        Jeff Yarnell, Protools
        Chris Young, Cabletron
        Kiho Yum, 3Com Corporation

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Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
4. Acknowledgements


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