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3.6. The Address Translation Group Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
3.6. The Address Translation Group

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3.6. The Address Translation Group

3.6. The Address Translation Group

In MIB-I this group contained a table which permitted mappings from network addresses (e.g., IP addresses) to physical addresses (e.g., MAC addresses). Experience has shown that efficient implementations of this table make two assumptions: a single network protocol environment, and mappings occur only from network address to physical address.

The need to support multi-protocol nodes (e.g., those with both the IP and CLNP active), and the need to support the inverse mapping (e.g., for ES-IS), have invalidated both of these assumptions. As such, the atTable object is declared deprecated.

In order to meet both the multi-protocol and inverse mapping requirements, MIB-II and its successors will allocate up to two address translation tables inside each network protocol group. That is, the IP group will contain one address translation table, for going from IP addresses to physical addresses. Similarly, when a document defining MIB objects for the CLNP is produced (e.g., [7]), it will contain two tables, for mappings in both directions, as this is required for full functionality.

It should be noted that the choice of two tables (one for each direction of mapping) provides for ease of implementation in many cases, and does not introduce undue burden on implementations which realize the address translation abstraction through a single internal table.

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Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
3.6. The Address Translation Group


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