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6. Acknowledgements Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
6. Acknowledgements

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6. Acknowledgements

6. Acknowledgements

This document was produced by the SNMP Working Group:

               Anne Ambler, Spider
               Karl Auerbach, Sun
               Fred Baker, ACC
               Ken Brinkerhoff
               Ron Broersma, NOSC
               Jack Brown, US Army
               Theodore Brunner, Bellcore
               Jeffrey Buffum, HP
               John Burress, Wellfleet
               Jeffrey D. Case, University of Tennessee at Knoxville
               Chris Chiptasso, Spartacus
               Paul Ciarfella, DEC
               Bob Collet
               John Cook, Chipcom
               Tracy Cox, Bellcore
               James R. Davin, MIT-LCS
               Eric Decker, cisco
               Kurt Dobbins, Cabletron
               Nadya El-Afandi, Network Systems
               Gary Ellis, HP
               Fred Engle
               Mike Erlinger
               Mark S. Fedor, PSI
               Richard Fox, Synoptics
               Karen Frisa, CMU
               Chris Gunner, DEC
               Fred Harris, University of Tennessee at Knoxville
               Ken Hibbard, Xylogics
               Ole Jacobsen, Interop
               Ken Jones
               Satish Joshi, Synoptics
               Frank Kastenholz, Racal-Interlan
               Shimshon Kaufman, Spartacus
               Ken Key, University of Tennessee at Knoxville
               Jim Kinder, Fibercom
               Alex Koifman, BBN
               Christopher Kolb, PSI
               Cheryl Krupczak, NCR
               Paul Langille, DEC
               Peter Lin, Vitalink
               John Lunny, TWG
               Carl Malamud
               Randy Mayhew, University of Tennessee at Knoxville
               Keith McCloghrie, Hughes LAN Systems
               Donna McMaster, David Systems
               Lynn Monsanto, Sun
               Dave Perkins, 3COM
               Jim Reinstedler, Ungerman Bass
               Anil Rijsinghani, DEC
               Kathy Rinehart, Arnold AFB
               Kary Robertson
               Marshall T. Rose, PSI (chair)
               L. Michael Sabo, NCSC
               Jon Saperia, DEC
               Greg Satz, cisco
               Martin Schoffstall, PSI
               John Seligson
               Steve Sherry, Xyplex
               Fei Shu, NEC
               Sam Sjogren, TGV
               Mark Sleeper, Sparta
               Lance Sprung
               Mike St.Johns
               Bob Stewart, Xyplex
               Emil Sturniold
               Kaj Tesink, Bellcore
               Dean Throop, Data General
               Bill Townsend, Xylogics
               Maurice Turcotte, Racal-Milgo
               Kannan Varadhou
               Sudhanshu Verma, HP
               Bill Versteeg, Network Research Corporation
               Warren Vik, Interactive Systems
               David Waitzman, BBN
               Steve Waldbusser, CMU
               Dan Wintringhan
               David Wood
               Wengyik Yeong, PSI
               Jeff Young, Cray Research

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Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
6. Acknowledgements


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