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6. Acknowledgements Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
6. Acknowledgements

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6. Acknowledgements

6. Acknowledgements

This memo was influenced by the IETF SNMP Extensions working group:

             Karl Auerbach, Epilogue Technology
             K. Ramesh Babu, Excelan
             Amatzia Ben-Artzi, 3Com/Bridge
             Lawrence Besaw, Hewlett-Packard
             Jeffrey D. Case, University of Tennessee at Knoxville
             Anthony Chung, Sytek
             James Davidson, The Wollongong Group
             James R. Davin, MIT Laboratory for Computer Science
             Mark S. Fedor, NYSERNet
             Phill Gross, The MITRE Corporation
             Satish Joshi, ACC
             Dan Lynch, Advanced Computing Environments
             Keith McCloghrie, The Wollongong Group
             Marshall T. Rose, The Wollongong Group (chair)
             Greg Satz, cisco
             Martin Lee Schoffstall, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
             Wengyik Yeong, NYSERNet

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Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
6. Acknowledgements


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