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4. Protocol Specification

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4. Protocol Specification

4. Protocol Specification

The network management protocol is an application protocol by which the variables of an agent's MIB may be inspected or altered.

Communication among protocol entities is accomplished by the exchange of messages, each of which is entirely and independently represented within a single UDP datagram using the basic encoding rules of ASN.1 (as discussed in Section 3.2.2). A message consists of a version identifier, an SNMP community name, and a protocol data unit (PDU). A protocol entity receives messages at UDP port 161 on the host with which it is associated for all messages except for those which report traps (i.e., all messages except those which contain the Trap-PDU). Messages which report traps should be received on UDP port 162 for further processing. An implementation of this protocol need not accept messages whose length exceeds 484 octets. However, it is recommended that implementations support larger datagrams whenever feasible.

It is mandatory that all implementations of the SNMP support the five PDUs: GetRequest-PDU, GetNextRequest-PDU, GetResponse-PDU, SetRequest-PDU, and Trap-PDU.


          ObjectName, ObjectSyntax, NetworkAddress, IpAddress, TimeTicks
                  FROM RFC1155-SMI;

     -- top-level message

             Message ::=
                     SEQUENCE {
                          version        -- version-1 for this RFC
                             INTEGER {

                         community      -- community name
                             OCTET STRING,

                         data           -- e.g., PDUs if trivial
                             ANY        -- authentication is being used

     -- protocol data units

             PDUs ::=
                     CHOICE {





     -- the individual PDUs and commonly used
     -- data types will be defined later


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4. Protocol Specification


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