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1. Status of this Memo Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
1. Status of this Memo

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1. Status of this Memo

1. Status of this Memo

This RFC is a re-release of RFC 1098, with a changed "Status of this Memo" section plus a few minor typographical corrections. This memo defines a simple protocol by which management information for a network element may be inspected or altered by logically remote users. In particular, together with its companion memos which describe the structure of management information along with the management information base, these documents provide a simple, workable architecture and system for managing TCP/IP-based internets and in particular the Internet.

The Internet Activities Board recommends that all IP and TCP implementations be network manageable. This implies implementation of the Internet MIB (RFC-1156) and at least one of the two recommended management protocols SNMP (RFC-1157) or CMOT (RFC-1095). It should be noted that, at this time, SNMP is a full Internet standard and CMOT is a draft standard. See also the Host and Gateway Requirements RFCs for more specific information on the applicability of this standard.

Please refer to the latest edition of the "IAB Official Protocol Standards" RFC for current information on the state and status of standard Internet protocols.

Distribution of this memo is unlimited.

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Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
1. Status of this Memo


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