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2. Introduction Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
2. Introduction

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2. Introduction

2. Introduction

This memo describes the common structures and identification scheme for the definition of management information used in managing TCP/IP-based internets. Included are descriptions of an object information model for network management along with a set of generic types used to describe management information. Formal descriptions of the structure are given using Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1) [1].

This memo is largely concerned with organizational concerns and administrative policy: it neither specifies the objects which are managed, nor the protocols used to manage those objects. These concerns are addressed by two companion memos: one describing the Management Information Base (MIB) [2], and the other describing the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) [3].

This memo is based in part on the work of the Internet Engineering Task Force, particularly the working note titled "Structure and Identification of Management Information for the Internet" [4]. This memo uses a skeletal structure derived from that note, but differs in one very significant way: that note focuses entirely on the use of OSI-style network management. As such, it is not suitable for use with SNMP.

This memo attempts to achieve two goals: simplicity and extensibility. Both are motivated by a common concern: although the management of TCP/IP-based internets has been a topic of study for some time, the authors do not feel that the depth and breadth of such understanding is complete. More bluntly, we feel that previous experiences, while giving the community insight, are hardly conclusive. By fostering a simple SMI, the minimal number of constraints are imposed on future potential approaches; further, by fostering an extensible SMI, the maximal number of potential approaches are available for experimentation.

It is believed that this memo and its two companions comply with the guidelines set forth in RFC 1052, "IAB Recommendations for the Development of Internet Network Management Standards" [5] and RFC 1109, "Report of the Second Ad Hoc Network Management Review Group" [6]. In particular, we feel that this memo, along with the memo describing the management information base, provide a solid basis for network management of the Internet.

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Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
2. Introduction


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