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1.1.1 Internet Hosts Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
1.1.1 Internet Hosts

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1.1.1 Internet Hosts

1.1.1 Internet Hosts

A host computer, or simply "host," is the ultimate consumer of communication services. A host generally executes application programs on behalf of user(s), employing network and/or Internet communication services in support of this function. An Internet host corresponds to the concept of an "End-System" used in the OSI protocol suite [INTRO:13].

An Internet communication system consists of interconnected packet networks supporting communication among host computers using the Internet protocols. The networks are interconnected using packet-switching computers called "gateways" or "IP routers" by the Internet community, and "Intermediate Systems" by the OSI world [INTRO:13]. The RFC "Requirements for Internet Gateways" [INTRO:2] contains the official specifications for Internet gateways. That RFC together with the present document and its companion [INTRO:1] define the rules for the current realization of the Internet architecture.

Internet hosts span a wide range of size, speed, and function. They range in size from small microprocessors through workstations to mainframes and supercomputers. In function, they range from single-purpose hosts (such as terminal servers) to full-service hosts that support a variety of online network services, typically including remote login, file transfer, and electronic mail.

A host is generally said to be multihomed if it has more than one interface to the same or to different networks. See Section 1.1.3 on "Terminology".

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Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
1.1.1 Internet Hosts


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