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Appendix on Numbers Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
Appendix on Numbers

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Appendix on Numbers

Appendix on Numbers

The IEEE likes to specify numbers in bit transmission order, or bit- wise little-endian order. The Internet protocols are documented in byte-wise big-endian order. This may cause some confusion about the proper values to use for numbers. Here are the conversions for some numbers of interest.

   Number          IEEE    IEEE            Internet        Internet
                   HEX     Binary          Binary          Decimal

   UI Op Code      C0      11000000        00000011          3
   SAP for SNAP    55      01010101        10101010        170
   XID             F5      11110101        10101111        175
   XID             FD      11111101        10111111        191
   TEST            C7      11000111        11100011        227
   TEST            CF      11001111        11110011        243
   Info            818000                                  129.1.0

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Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
Appendix on Numbers


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