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8.2. Mailbox binding (Experimental) Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
8.2. Mailbox binding (Experimental)

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8.2. Mailbox binding (Experimental)

8.2. Mailbox binding (Experimental)

In mailbox binding, the mailer uses the entire mail destination specification to construct a domain name. The encoded domain name for the mailbox is used as the QNAME field in a QTYPE=MAILB query.

Several outcomes are possible for this query:

  1. The query can return a name error indicating that the mailbox does not exist as a domain name.

    In the long term, this would indicate that the specified mailbox doesn't exist. However, until the use of mailbox binding is universal, this error condition should be interpreted to mean that the organization identified by the global part does not support mailbox binding. The appropriate procedure is to revert to exchange binding at this point.

  2. The query can return a Mail Rename (MR) RR.

    The MR RR carries new mailbox specification in its RDATA field. The mailer should replace the old mailbox with the new one and retry the operation.

  3. The query can return a MB RR.

    The MB RR carries a domain name for a host in its RDATA field. The mailer should deliver the message to that host via whatever protocol is applicable, e.g., b,SMTP.

  4. The query can return one or more Mail Group (MG) RRs.

    This condition means that the mailbox was actually a mailing list or mail group, rather than a single mailbox. Each MG RR has a RDATA field that identifies a mailbox that is a member of the group. The mailer should deliver a copy of the message to each member.

  5. The query can return a MB RR as well as one or more MG RRs.

    This condition means the the mailbox was actually a mailing list. The mailer can either deliver the message to the host specified by the MB RR, which will in turn do the delivery to all members, or the mailer can use the MG RRs to do the expansion itself.

In any of these cases, the response may include a Mail Information (MINFO) RR. This RR is usually associated with a mail group, but is legal with a MB. The MINFO RR identifies two mailboxes. One of these identifies a responsible person for the original mailbox name. This mailbox should be used for requests to be added to a mail group, etc. The second mailbox name in the MINFO RR identifies a mailbox that should receive error messages for mail failures. This is particularly appropriate for mailing lists when errors in member names should be reported to a person other than the one who sends a message to the list. New fields may be added to this RR in the future.


Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
8.2. Mailbox binding (Experimental)


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