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4.2.2. TCP usage Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
4.2.2. TCP usage

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4.2.2. TCP usage

4.2.2. TCP usage

Messages sent over TCP connections use server port 53 (decimal). The message is prefixed with a two byte length field which gives the message length, excluding the two byte length field. This length field allows the low-level processing to assemble a complete message before beginning to parse it.

Several connection management policies are recommended:

  • The server should not block other activities waiting for TCP data.

  • The server should support multiple connections.

  • The server should assume that the client will initiate connection closing, and should delay closing its end of the connection until all outstanding client requests have been satisfied.

  • If the server needs to close a dormant connection to reclaim resources, it should wait until the connection has been idle for a period on the order of two minutes. In particular, the server should allow the SOA and AXFR request sequence (which begins a refresh operation) to be made on a single connection. Since the server would be unable to answer queries anyway, a unilateral close or reset may be used instead of a graceful close.


Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
4.2.2. TCP usage


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