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3.4.2. WKS RDATA format Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
3.4.2. WKS RDATA format

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3.4.2. WKS RDATA format

3.4.2. WKS RDATA format

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An 32 bit Internet address
An 8 bit IP protocol number
A variable length bit map. The bit map must be a multiple of 8 bits long.

The WKS record is used to describe the well known services supported by a particular protocol on a particular internet address. The PROTOCOL field specifies an IP protocol number, and the bit map has one bit per port of the specified protocol. The first bit corresponds to port 0, the second to port 1, etc. If the bit map does not include a bit for a protocol of interest, that bit is assumed zero. The appropriate values and mnemonics for ports and protocols are specified in [RFC-1010].

For example, if PROTOCOL=TCP (6), the 26th bit corresponds to TCP port 25 (SMTP). If this bit is set, a SMTP server should be listening on TCP port 25; if zero, SMTP service is not supported on the specified address.

The purpose of WKS RRs is to provide availability information for servers for TCP and UDP. If a server supports both TCP and UDP, or has multiple Internet addresses, then multiple WKS RRs are used.

WKS RRs cause no additional section processing.

In master files, both ports and protocols are expressed using mnemonics or decimal numbers.

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Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
3.4.2. WKS RDATA format


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