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5.2.3. Temporary failures Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
5.2.3. Temporary failures

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5.2.3. Temporary failures

5.2.3. Temporary failures

In a less than perfect world, all resolvers will occasionally be unable to resolve a particular request. This condition can be caused by a resolver which becomes separated from the rest of the network due to a link failure or gateway problem, or less often by coincident failure or unavailability of all servers for a particular domain.

It is essential that this sort of condition should not be signalled as a name or data not present error to applications. This sort of behavior is annoying to humans, and can wreak havoc when mail systems use the DNS.

While in some cases it is possible to deal with such a temporary problem by blocking the request indefinitely, this is usually not a good choice, particularly when the client is a server process that could move on to other tasks. The recommended solution is to always have temporary failure as one of the possible results of a resolver function, even though this may make emulation of existing HOSTS.TXT functions more difficult.

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Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
5.2.3. Temporary failures


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