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5.2.2. Aliases Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
5.2.2. Aliases

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5.2.2. Aliases

5.2.2. Aliases

While attempting to resolve a particular request, the resolver may find that the name in question is an alias. For example, the resolver might find that the name given for host name to address translation is an alias when it finds the CNAME RR. If possible, the alias condition should be signalled back from the resolver to the client.

In most cases a resolver simply restarts the query at the new name when it encounters a CNAME. However, when performing the general function, the resolver should not pursue aliases when the CNAME RR matches the query type. This allows queries which ask whether an alias is present. For example, if the query type is CNAME, the user is interested in the CNAME RR itself, and not the RRs at the name it points to.

Several special conditions can occur with aliases. Multiple levels of aliases should be avoided due to their lack of efficiency, but should not be signalled as an error. Alias loops and aliases which point to non-existent names should be caught and an error condition passed back to the client.

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Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
5.2.2. Aliases


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