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5.1. Introduction Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
5.1. Introduction

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5.1. Introduction

5.1. Introduction

Resolvers are programs that interface user programs to domain name servers. In the simplest case, a resolver receives a request from a user program (e.g., mail programs, TELNET, FTP) in the form of a subroutine call, system call etc., and returns the desired information in a form compatible with the local host's data formats.

The resolver is located on the same machine as the program that requests the resolver's services, but it may need to consult name servers on other hosts. Because a resolver may need to consult several name servers, or may have the requested information in a local cache, the amount of time that a resolver will take to complete can vary quite a bit, from milliseconds to several seconds.

A very important goal of the resolver is to eliminate network delay and name server load from most requests by answering them from its cache of prior results. It follows that caches which are shared by multiple processes, users, machines, etc., are more efficient than non-shared caches.

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Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
5.1. Introduction


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