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Surf Sites

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Surf Sites

Surf Sites These are a collection of links to various sites that I've found useful. Please email any additions or corrections to, and be sure to check out Kennedy Clark's original SurfSites at the end.

General Interest

Teaching Use of the Web

Web Publishing

Learning HTML

English Dictionary

Internet Search Engines

Sites that review other sites

Catalogs and Collections

Foreign Languages

U.S. Patents

Internet FAQ Archives

Major Software Archive Sites

Sites similar to mine

Hobbes' Internet Timeline

Risks Digest

f ” ® s T - m o ń d @ „

Outstanding Individual Efforts

Computer Languages



C++ Standard Template Library

Common Lisp








General Programming


ITU Standards

IEEE Standards

Computer and Communications Standards

UNIX Man Pages

Operating Systems

DoD Trusted Computer Systems Standard (Orange Book)

Intel x86 Processor

PowerPC Processor

Ethernet (IEEE 802.3)

Wireless (IEEE 802.11)



FCC Wireless Telecommunications Bureau

Frame Relay


Fiber Channel


H.323 Series Standards (Videoconferencing)




World Wide Web


Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)

Network Time Protocol (NTP)



Design software

IC data sheets

    Good database of ICs, searchable by part number, PDF datasheets. Free registration required. [bwb]





Amateur Packet Radio

General Electronic Engineering



Free Software Foundation and related sites

Search Engines


Computer Vision


CODA File System

    Next-generation network file system (after NFS, AFS). Server replication, WAN adaptation, disconnected operation.

PVM - Parallel Virtual Machine

Virtual Machine

3D Graphics


    Thanks and kudos to Kennedy Clark for maintaining this list and contributing it to the encyclopedia.

Cisco Systems, Inc.

DejaNews - Usenet News Archive

  • An excellent Usenet News archive site with searching capabilities. Set up a "Power Search" on

Cisco Mailing-List Search

  • This is a "fuzzy search" front-end that queries all of the messages that have been posted to the Cisco mailing-list. Excellent fuzzy search engine lists results based on how well it matches the search criteria. Extremely useful!!

InterNIC Internet Documentation

Computer and Communication Standards

The ATM Forum Home Page

The Cell Relay Retreat

Interoperability Lab Training Page

The Routing Arbiter

  • A wealth of BGP-related resources and statistics. Get graphs of current and past Internet routing activity.

Data Communications Magazine -- Tech Tutorials

Telecommunications Information

Dan Kegel's ISDN Page

Frame Relay Resources

Frame Relay Forum

Anixter, Inc.

  • Good white papers and technology guides under "Enterprise Networks" and "Structured Cabling."

Novell, Inc.

  • Obviously, this is very specific to IPX-type issues. However, there's some fairly good stuff here.

Welcome to 3Com

Internet Protocols

The Navas 28800 Modem FAQ

Cisco Usenet Newsgroup


Cisco Mailing List

  • You can get the same information through the mentioned earlier. However, if you like being buried in e-mail, send an message to The body of your message should only contains the words 'subscribe cisco'. Note: Postings are sent to, subscription requests are sent to


  • Routing In The Internet, Christian Huitema, ISBN: 0131321927
  • Interconnections: Bridges & Routers, Radia Perlman, ISBN: 0201563320
  • TCP/IP Illustrated, Vol. 1, Richard Stevens, ISBN:0-201-63346-9
  • Data Communications, Computer Networks and Open Systems, 4th Ed., Fred Halsall, ISBN: 0-201-422943-X
  • Introduction to ATM Networking, Walter J. Goralski, ISBN: 0-07-024043-4
  • ATM, Solutions For Enterprise Networks, David Ginsburg, ISBN: 0-201-87701-5
  • ATM User's Guide, William A. Flanagan, ISBN: 0-936648-40-6
  • Novell's Guide to NetWare LAN Analysis, 2nd Edition, Laura A. Chappell and Dan E. Hakes, ISBN: 0-7821-1362-1

Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
Surf Sites


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