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Downloading Connected Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
Downloading Connected

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Downloading Connected

Downloading Connected The entire encyclopedia is available for download. Be warned - the whole thing is almost 200 MB, and even a compressed TAR or ZIP archive will be a little under 100 MB. I don't give exact figures here since they change as the website is updated. For your disk space and bandwidth, you get over 5000 Web pages, including all published RFCs and pre-built indices for full-text searching. You can also download individual HTMLized RFCs (follow the links on the RFC's index page).

See Licensing Information.

The tar files and website contain the same information.

The CD-ROM contains a slightly dated version of this information, but an update file is available for download. See the CD for details.

With that said, you may wish to download a local copy of the encyclopedia. Feel free to do so, but check back occasionally for updates. Even better, follow the instructions for setting up a mirror to automatically update your website as changes occur on

Windows 3, Windows 95 and NT hosts should use, but the search form won't work without a UNIX server.

Gzip compressed tar file of encyclopedia

Use this version with a UNIX HTTP server
ZIP file of encyclopedia

Use this version to put Connected on a Windows laptop - a "road warrior" encyclopedia


The encyclopedia is available via FTP at

Use module name

See the Installation Instructions to operate the search engine on a UNIX web site.

Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
Downloading Connected


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