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Section 1 Review Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
Section 1 Review

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Section 1 Review

Section 1 Review Congratulations! You've completed the first section of the Programmed Instruction Course. Let's summarize the topics covered in this section:

  • Protocol

    • A protocol is "a formal description of message formats and the rules two or more machines must follow to exchange those messages."
    • Protocols let us perform operations on other computers over a network.
    • Many protocols can be in use at once.
    • Protocols should be as specific to one task as possible.

  • Standard

    • Standards are protocols that everyone has agreed upon.
    • Standard organizations exist to develop, discuss and enhance protocols.
    • The most important Internet standard organization is the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).
    • The most important Internet standard documents are the Requests For Comments (RFCs).

  • Protocol Layering

    • Protocols are usually organized by layering them atop one another.
    • Protocol layers should have specific, well-defined functions.
    • The most important protocol layering designs are the 4-layer Department of Defense (DoD) Model, and the 7-layer Open System Interconnect (OSI) Model.

  • 4-Layer DoD Model

    • The 4-layer DoD layered protocol model consists of the Process, Host-to-Host, Internet, and Network Access Layers.
    • The DoD Model was developed for the Internet.
    • The core Internet protocols adhere to the DoD Model.

  • Encapsulation

    • Encapsulation happens when one protocol's message is embedded into another protocol's message.
    • Protocol layering is implemented through encapsulation.

Now, let's proceed into Section 2...

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Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
Section 1 Review


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