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Our Services and Pricing

Why pay for a subscription?

If it is free, then you are what is being sold.   Especially with these big free email services.

More specifically you and everything associated with all you do is what you are selling for free.  Your information, including all you type, post, receive, send, surf, and view.  The ads place tracking cookies to identify you.  Your e-mail is scanned and more information gathered from it for more ads, to track you more.   They each have large ad networks that cover many many sites, so everywhere you go is also recorded.   It's all gathered, organized, associated with you, and sold.  It's how these free sites became such big business.  Your information and what you do is very valuable.  Valuable enough to create multibillion dollar companies.

Your e-mail isn't even yours with most of these large free sites.  There is a clause you click "I agree" without reading that gives them the rights to your e-mail content.  Most don't even actually delete mail you delete, they remove it from your view, but keep it stored as part of their data store to be able to mine for historical information.  The largest make it clear that their goal is to have their hand on the pulse of the internet, meaning knowing all you do.

We charge a minor subscription fee and this is how we  support ourself.  We have been doing so since 1999 and bootstrapped ourselves doing this.  We don't care to know who you are.  We don't track you.  We don't allow advertising, nor sell any information.  We have no outside investors to force our hand in ways we may not want to go, and all internal access to data is severely limited.  We're not a hidden entity, the same well known people have been operating this service since it's inception.  We operate for you and because of you, we provide you very useful and needed services at a very reasonable price, and your subscription allows us to do so.

We are not a cloud service, nor do we back up your e-mail.  This means that when you delete it, it's instantly gone and unretreivable.  It's not stored for any length of time, floating around in some forgotten or unforgotten backup, nor somewhere else on a cloud.  It is gone.  We don't keep any copy of any of the data you send or receive (other than what you delibereately leave on the server).  We don't even keep basic transaction logs for months or years, but five days, in order to troubleshoot as needed or to be able to address abuse.  After five days, that information is gone as well.

In the end, the choice is yours, sell yourself, or pay a little bit a month and don't sell yourself.  We're here for those of you in the latter group and we know that you'll like what we provide.   Our look and name has changed, but we have been in business since 1999 and have offered unbeatable services and support at very reasonable prices since.

Note to DNS Services and web filters that block tunnels and VPNs:

No proxy or VPN servers, nor anything but e-mail, is offered, nor can be accessed, under the domain name.  The domain can only be used to access the e-mail.  Proxy and VPN  servers are accessed under the  domain.  It is hoped that you will allow access to a very secure and private e-mail service via the domain.

Note to Subscribers:

This does not mean that you don't have access to proxies and VPN servers if you purchase access.  You do,they are simply available under a different domain name, the Cotse.Net domain and not the domain when configuring them.